1000 Songs You’ve Probably Never Heard – A Podcast

1000 Songs You’ve Probably Never Heard – A Podcast

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So, we’ve started a podcast. Because, you know, why the hell not? Everyone else was doing it.

Below is the transcript from the Introductory episode. And we can reveal that the first proper episode will feature a song from Long Island retro rockers The Lemon Twigs!

Hi everyone. My name is Champs. For the past several years I’ve been doing amateur music journalism. Amateur because I don’t get paid, not because it’s poor quality, obviously.

Anyway, whilst I’ve only been formally involved in the music industry for the past few years, music is the thing I’ve spent the most time thinking about in my life. It’s been the only constant while other passions have come and gone.

From the time my mother bought me my first mini hi-fi at age 8 until now, I have worshipped music. Specifically, I love the way it seems to be the only real cure for the human condition. Or at least it seems to be the only way we can explain what the cure for the human condition is.

So, in a way, producing a music podcast was probably inevitable for me.

I’ve had a thousand ideas for how I would frame a music podcast. I’ve chosen this one because one of the things I most enjoy is discovering new music through suggestions from friends and, in turn, giving those suggestions. In fact, I discovered my favourite band of all time, Blink 182, because my best mate brought a copy of Enema of the State home from the US after having been on exchange there in 1999. To me, the feeling you get when you hear a song for the first time and instantly connect is better than any drug could offer.

So, I went ahead and picked 1000 songs I’d suggest to people if they asked me, “what should I listen to?”. I’m sure you’ll have heard some of them, but here’s hoping that for the ones you haven’t you think, “shit, that’s good!”

I’m keeping it broad with the rules here. I’ll cover multitudes of genres, eras and formats. Some might be covers of well known songs, some might be live versions from the original artist, but none will be singles from major artists.

If perchance you do benefit from this wonderfully self-indulgent project of mine, please let me know via our socials. And of course, follow them while you’re there! Anyway thanks for listening and I hope you stick around. If you’ve got suggestions for things you think I should hear, please send em through. I’m always open to new music.

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