Episode 1: The Lemon Twigs – Fight

Episode 1: The Lemon Twigs – Fight

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Hey all, and welcome to the first official episode of 1000 Songs You’ve Probably Never Heard.

The first song we’re going to discuss on this journey is Fight by The Lemon Twigs.

I’m a sucker for a young band that can really nail a sound from the past. And this song does that better than nearly anything I’ve heard in the past ten years.


The Lemon Twigs are brothers Brian and Michael D’Addario. They were raised in a particularly musical household on Long Island, New York and as children did quite a bit of musical theatre.

They confirmed in an interview with me last year that certainly played a part in their Glam Rock aesthetic and, as we’re about to discuss, the associated 70s studio sound.

The album this song comes from is entitled Songs for the General Public and was released in 2020. I chose this track for this podcast because, according to Spotify, it’s one of the least streamed songs on the album. Yet, in my humble opinion, it’s close to the best. Perhaps coming in a close second to the major single from the record, The One.


This song would sound fit in comfortably on most 70s rock albums. Prog, glam, even piano rock. To the point where, if you didn’t know it was recorded in 2019, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a 70s record. And that’s because the band, who produced it themselves, engineered it that way.

But with a sound that could easily be mistaken for Cheap Trick, Billy Joel or even Fleetwood Mac and lyricism which is all at once flippant and poignant, this song is far better than its few hundred thousand streams.